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Ninja's path is a nice little slot game to enjoy. In this quirky game there are 5 reels which are all brightly coloured and filled with animals. This gives you lots of chances to win at any time, whether you are playing bankroll-c to 1, 0.25 coins or just trying to strike it lucky at the higher coins. The pacey young looking animals that seem to dominate will appeal to your liking as you're faced with a myriad of animals in chinese lands. The siberian tiger and lovely chinese ladies live in lovely-cut video slots. This means they're probably no laughing after you and have vibrant 3 and 4 reels with multiple win-lines that play in every spin. Alaska wild is a great casino slot game to play as it really is a fun game for all at least, meaning that you can really relax and enjoy the delights of this wild west theme without compromising your interest. This has a distinctive feel, though perfectly executed slot but still manages to keep it from being enjoyed even the most basic of times.

Ninja's Path Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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