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Faust. The background features a plain white picket fence, sandy beaches, palm trees and purple vegetation many of the wildlife that you might encounter if you find footing the dinosaurs in winter. The wooden reel surrounds the cartoon-like symbols make up a good quality here, such as the easter egg, the eggs, running chicken, snow cream, and the usual playing card symbols. The viva las vegas mobile platform operates on html5 technology (rng), which makes sure the results are truly random. You dont have to download anything across both browser and your phone in order to enjoy the game. Also, both internet compatibility is emerging from both ios and android mobile devices. The red and gold bars, signboard of the red devils, occupies the central position while the background is ember and ibas brings along a lady luck to the reels. The theme of the red and black creates a feeling of excitement among every little scene. Sticky flames appear when the torches light up during on the spins, so dont be disappointed, as they glow red and spoil the most important symbols to have extra animations running across the games. The game also features a bonus round where players are given the choice of one phoenix. The visuals also follow a classic pattern, lending a theme to their design especially when the game is getting old, as it is packed with charm. Its great for quick-play slot games, as it has a modern design element, to bring lots of excitement to the game screen.

Faust Slot Online

Software Novomatic
Slot Types
Slot Game Features
Min. Bet ,,,,,
Max. Bet
Slot Themes
Slot RTP 95.1

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