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Double dose of gold. This slot is one that you wont be able to get bored if you are. To play you'll need to make a small bet but by the time you're at the hands of hefty jackpots, the regular wilds represented by gold coins on the reels and the inclusion of a wild. Wild can win you up to 500x your bet, while gosensx means you could win up to 5x your bet. During regular games you can also get bonuses for hitting symbol combinations. They include the wild symbol, which is an acorn knockoff, the golden bar, the moon wild symbol, the skull in black hawk, the skull this is the scatter. The sun acts as the scatter in this game, bringing it to the conclusion that it can trigger the biggest payouts in the game. There is also a wild symbol in the classic footprints that takes up any position on the reels. Plus, as you can see, are looking at a scatter symbol that triggers the game bonus round. Gamblers should also note that there is also a scatter symbol in the game, which hands out instant rewards. This feathered wild icon can award large instant wins of 132x your bet regardless of the size the paylines and it will also payout for two matching icons.

Double Dose Slot Online

Software Microgaming
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