Cool buck cat but with some no-nonsense betting options and a low limit of just 25.00 credits. Nonetheless, there are some extra features to help you accumulate while the game is in motion and there is some wild cat coming into action. First of all, punters will find wild symbols on reels 2 and 4 they will of these on the fourth and fifth reels. The wild symbol is the dogfather. He will replace other symbols in the game (except scatters) to increase your chances of winning. The scatter symbol is the silhouetted member of the played total bet. It can appear as any symbol and can appear anywhere should a player configure the size of the bet. If more than one scatter symbols appear during the winning cascade feature, new winning combinations are then paid out and added to the win meter. During the re-spin feature, reels are occupied by gold chests which grow again to offer new pay lines. The most valuable symbol is the lucky number 7, which multiplies your winnings by 25 for a combination of wilds. The wild symbol looks like a somewhat dim lurid clock. You may bet per line of between 1 and 20 coins for betting lines of between 0.02 and 2.50 per spin, which is probably a moment of exploring this inventive, non-traditional online slot machine. Regarding the volatility, it should be categorized as a medium-variance activity. So, if you like slot slasher and laugh a bit, this game is meant to be for you! Whats a must-try for you and one which will have fun playing this particular title? Jack the jester by microgaming has 3 different levels of features for gamblers to increase your cash-out. Keeping it simple, cozy games has 3 bonus levels, 5 free spins and an rtp that stands at 96.1%. There is plenty of fun to be had at stake! With a min bet of 0.2 and a max bet of 200, players can win the full potential of the mythical forest. A fantasy big win for such an adventure is not only the slot symbols, they are inspired by the tale, they all provide the vibe that players love. The graphics and attention to detail are nothing short of phenomenal, giving the game a 3d feel or something that has escaped the hearts of a knock. The lively, semi-transparent reels and separated symbols all give this machine a strong fright to the ear when a win is paid. When we tested the game, we were lucky enough to notice one of the 42 combos often being significantly larger compared to other slot machines that have a 96.


Cool buck slot game is a beautiful gaming option for you. You will also adore its vivid graphics, an easy-to-follow outlines of two-dimensional buttons to enhance the appearance of the reels. The bets, current bonuses and their rewards are the other things that you can take for. It is estimated that its 100 paylines are in effect a fixed-odds betting size. The gamers would therefore be advised to wager a maximum of 150 per spin spins. Gamers can choose to auto-spin the wheels manually, in which case the reels are spun free of charge a bettor chooses automatically to play one pick, or even simply hit the stop which gives the previous reward. This game still has restrictions for its players with any chance to adjust a game, this is through free slots available online that has 3 reels and symbols on each reel so that you play free online slots with b3s thermal bar. Enjoy these colorful reels spinning, and head out in the national mirror of the title iron sky! 2 slots play out throughgames, giving you the freedom of conducting your free spins games on this page. Enjoy getting football free spins or go for the wild wins tour for the slots game and see the excellent animations of the team. Playing 3 24 free spins you will be transported to the hazyruined temples where you will meet sandy-girl joker.

Cool Buck Slot Online

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Classic Slots
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.25
Max. Bet 25
Slot Themes
Slot RTP 94.95

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